How To Download YouTube Videos To iPad From Mac?

YouTube has an option to download your videos offline, but is a feature reserved for those who subscribe to your premium plan. And some of you may be wondering how to download some of those videos to see it on your iPad , comfortably in your holiday destination even if it has no internet connection.

It’s no nonsense: some authors hang videos of several hours on YouTube, so we have to get rid of that image we usually have from a portal service with only videos of absurd memes and kittens. But one thing is to say that we want to download those videos on our iPad, and another quite different is to get it. Is there any way?

Download YouTube videos: Softorino Video Converter or

The bad news is that there is no direct way to do it . That is, we can not take our iPad and download videos from YouTube in your local storage through some application. We have to use a Mac in addition to having the tablet.

Softorino Youtube Converter

And in Mac there is some application that saves us steps, such as the one recommended from Cult of Mac called YouTube Converter. This utility takes care of everything: just that you have the iPad connected to the Wi-Fi network in your home or connected by cable to the Mac. Just copy the URL of a YouTube video to the clipboard of macOS, you will have the option to convert And move that video directly to the iPad . You only need one click.

It is very likely the most comfortable option to download videos to the iPad, but of course, it has a price: 22.95 euros . Is there a way to do this for free? There is, but then we have to use two tools instead of one. Peggo iOS version is yet to be released.

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We can download the videos using the web Peggo , which only has to paste the URL of the above and will offer us the option to download the original video in MP4 format. This video will be saved as a file in the Finder, so we will have to take the extra step of moving it to our iPad manually.

Manually download videos: iTunes or VLC

We can do it with the same iTunes , opening the application and dragging the video to our library to then synchronize it and that is saved in the iPad Videos app. Or if you do not want to hear about iTunes, you can always transfer the video using VLC.

This player has a tool called Wi-Fi Sharing that will do us perfect: always from the same local network we can open an IP address that will tell us the program on our Mac. In the web that appears, we can drag any video file to Which is stored on the iPad. In addition, VLC accepts formats that iTunes is not able to play, such as MKV.

You can find this option of sharing via Wi-Fi in the left sidebar of the player on the iPad, by clicking on the application icon on the upper left. Copying videos in VLC will allow us to see them when we want them offline, and if we use Peggo the process will be free. Comfort or savings, you have the freedom to choose. 

Source: Applesfera