Turn Your iPhone Into A Portable Console With Hawkeye

It’s been a long time since a portable console was introduced. Yes, it is true that there are the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, but in the case of the first are variants and “refritos” that are coming out every little bit to be renewed, and in the case of the second is a console more focused to plug it into the television (here you do not see too many switch on the street).


To fill that gap that they have been leaving, there are companies that have been taking advantage of solutions with the most powerful handheld devices that we can access, smartphones. One of the companies in charge of making an accessory that can make of our mobile in portable consoles is Richbox with its Hawkeye product. You could even download videos from internet and watch them. User could download itube apk, install and use it to download videos online.

Hawkeye is an accessory with form of control focused to the iPhone, mainly to the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus. From the company say that it will work with all TOP games in the Apps store.

Hawkeye has a thickness of only 3mm and a weight of 84 grams, making it one of the finest and lightest controls on the market. Although they are so fine, they claim that their autonomy gives more than 50 hours of play, although that will have to be seen. With this accessory, we will make iPhone shell-shaped, 3DS type.


Its technical specifications are:

  • Dimensions of 161.3 x 86.75mm
  • Weight of 84.5 grams
  • 210mAh battery
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
  • Micro USB charging port
  • 1.5 hours charging time
  • Battery Status Notification LEDs


This product is expected to come out in Indiegogo, so it will be a great opportunity to be able to get one of these with a big discount and / or offer thanks to crowdfunding. We will be attentive to what may happen.

Source: droidanic