How To Download Netflix Movies & TV Series?

Netflix is hot. Many users are already subscribers to this streaming and series viewing service. But many people do not know that, in addition, they can  download  many of the series and movies to see later, without Internet connection. No one knows for sure how many subscribers Netflix has in Spain (there are surveys, but do not stop being that, surveys). What is clear, and indeed is recognized by the entire industry, is that Netflix , along with the competition of Rakuten TV , HBO or Filmin , among others, have helped reduce piracy. Instead of all this, you could even get the 123movies downloader.

Watch Movies & Series Easily


Once for many users, the simplest was to go to the Internet and illegally download audiovisual content. Now, it’s even easier to watch movies and series legally,  thanks to platforms like Netflix, which for a monthly fee (from about 8 euros) allow unlimited viewing of your catalog.

However, in order to enjoy these contents you always had to have an Internet connection  : it was a streaming vision, that is, while you were connected to the network you could see the series or movie, as it was downloaded as you You see her, right now.

However, in December 2016 the Los Gatos (California) company decided to add an option at no extra costto its movie and series download customers on their devices . And best of all is that it is the sea of ​​simple.


It is, therefore, a legal form of downloading of contents , which, for reasons of rights, does not apply to the whole catalog , but to a good part of the films and series that it offers.

In addition, it is necessary to point out that it is a temporary download : the content is self-destructive in a few days (usually a week, but depends on the title) so that it does not occupy memory unnecessarily. After that time, if desired, the user can re-download the series or movie in the same way that it did.

The title, by the way, is downloaded with all available audio and subtitle languages  and can only be played in the same Netflix app.

We went on to explain how to download series and movies from Netflix,  both on the Android platform and iOS .

How to download Netflix movies and series on Android

We will use an Android mobile with the Netflix application installed for this tutorial .

Before starting the download, it is advisable to configure where we want the movies or series to be saved. If you have a large capacity mobile phone, you can choose the internal memory . If not, better on the SD card. To configure it, after starting the Netflix app and identifying ourselves, we must click on the icon of the three horizontal rails that appears at the top left (menu icon), and then select Application Settings .

Here are some interesting options, but the one that interests us is the Download Location . In it we can select either the card or internal memory.

Once configured, we go back to look for the series or movies that we want to see then offline. We chose in our case the series The Crown.

Once found and selected, in the menu of the series itself, we move to the bottom, where the list of chapters appear.

In each chapter, on the right, we see an arrow icon pointing down. It is the one of the content download . If we want to download an episode, press on the icon and the download will start.

Below is a message that the download is taking place . It will take more or less depending on the duration of the content and the connection.

Once completed, we will see that the icon has changed to the silhouette of a mobile with a blue check. It means that it has been downloaded and we will be able to see it offline at any time from this same screen.

There is also an option to go directly to the downloaded contents and view them in list form. To do this, go to the main menu and select My downloads .

How to download Netflix movies and series on iOS

In the case of iOS , we will use an iPad for this tutorial, although it is the same process and steps in the case of the iPhone app.

The first step, of course, is to open the Netflix application and choose our user account.

  1. We look for the series or movie that we want to download. In our case, we chose Stranger Things.
  2. In the presentation screen of the series in question, we go down to where the chapters appear There, to the right of each of them, we will see a Download icon (an arrow pointing down) if the content is ‘downloadable’. As is the case, we proceed to download it. The download time will vary depending on the content and connection we have.

We are shown a blue bar at the bottom informing of the download. When finished, the download icon changes to that of a mobile device with a blue check mark. We already have it downloaded.

We can see it offline by pressing on the Play on the same page of the series where we are.

To see all our downloads, there is an option in the user menu. It is accessed by pressing the top left icon (the three horizontal rails) and selecting My downloads. There appears the episode that we just downloaded and others that we have downloaded in the past. Also expired, which can be erased.


As we have seen, downloading movies and series from Netflix is very simple .

In this way, we can enjoy these contents without having to have an Internet connection  . And always legally.

Source: Mediatrends