Best Rug Stores In Charlotte, NC That You Should Know About!

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There’s absolutely no denying how Charlotte, North Carolina is one of the hottest real estate markets in the entire country, and this means that Charlotte is one of the top cities for the home décor niche as well.

If you’re currently looking for rug stores Charlotte, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled one of the best lists of rug stores in the Charlotte Metro Area, and we’ll help you better understand exactly why certain stores will work best for you and your needs.

So whether you live in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, or anywhere in the Carolinas, this is the rug store list for you!

Rug Source, Inc. 

By far one of the best rug stores in Charlotte is Rug Source, which is located on Smith Corners Boulevard. What sets Rug Source apart from the rest of their competition is their unparalleled prices for top-quality area rugs, as well as their incredible online inventory for shoppers all over America.

Rug Source makes rug shopping easy for Charlotte locals, and their delivery services are some of the best in the entire industry!

Rug & Home 

Rug & Home is located in Pineville, just outside of Charlotte, and it’s a mega store that has a little bit of everything for everyone. They obviously don’t just specialize in area rugs and provide home décor products of all types, but they just so happen to have a great rug inventory as well.

A lot of rug shoppers on a budget will choose Rug & Home because they offer all sorts of varying price points.

Charlotte Rug Gallery 

The Charlotte Rug Gallery is located off of Providence Road in South Charlotte, and it’s a great option for home and business owners looking for high-quality options. This store is in-person only, so you can’t purchase area rugs online like you could with some of the other top choices in this list.

However, the customer service here is stellar and their team consists of experienced specialists who’ve been selling rugs for decades!

Carpet & Rug Superstore 

Everyone knows just how stressful rug shopping can be, particularly because it can always be difficult to narrow down your options when you simply have so many choices to choose from.

When shopping at huge outlets like the Carpet & Rug Superstore, you’re going to run into this issue because their inventory is just that massive. However, you can be rest assured that they’ll have the right type of rug to match your specific décor needs!

Magic Rugs 

Magic Rugs is located on Monroe Road in southeast Charlotte, and it’s a go-to option for a lot of local rug enthusiasts who want to give back to small businesses. Some of the other options on this list are partnered up with massive corporations, so you can be rest assured that your hard-earned money is going into a small business owner’s hands when you shop here!

Rug Gallery at Concord Mills 

Another good option in the Concord area is this Rug Gallery, and as you can imagine, this rug store is massive just like everything else at Concord Mills. You’ll have a massive selection to choose from while shopping here, so you can rest easy knowing that this can be a one-stop-shop for all of your home’s flooring needs.

Reach Out To Local Experts When You’re Looking For Rug Stores In Charlotte! 

Charlotte is a wonderful city for home décor shopping, and this includes rug shopping. If you live in the metro area, you should definitely keep this list in mind as you’re narrowing down your top options.

And you can always speak directly with local industry experts by going through the hyperlink at the beginning of this page!

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