Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Provides an Introduction to United Egg Producer Certification

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania


United Egg Producers (UEP) certification is a voluntary program. This program is developed by the United Egg Producers, which is a cooperative of egg farmers in the United States. There are many well-established UEP certified egg farms in the country, such as Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. UEP essentially is a trade organization that represents the interests of commercial egg producers. Their certification program establishes guidelines for animal welfare and food safety practices for egg farms.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania discusses what it means to be UEP certified

United Egg Producers UEP is a Capper-Volstead cooperative that works collaboratively to address regulatory, legislative, and advocacy concerns that impact egg production. They meet their objectives with the help of active farmer-member leadership, as well as unified voice and partnership across the agriculture community. Any person who wants to buy eggs from a farm that prioritizes the welfare of the hens, should keep an eye out for the UEP Certified seal.

UEP has managed to develop a range of guidelines that puts emphasis on the optimal well-being of the hens. These guidelines are backed by years of recommendations and research from an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. Today more than 90% of the eggs that are produced in the United States tend to come from UEP certified farms like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. These farms voluntarily participate in UEP Certified program and opt to open their farms to independent auditors. Eggs that have UEP Certified seal on the carton imply that these eggs come from a farm that is able to meet or exceed the requirements of the UEP certification.

Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare are among the key guideline of the UEP Certified Program. Here are these freedoms that are meant to ensure that eggs at a farm have a good quality of life:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst: Hens have to be provided with fresh water and an adequate quantity of feed at all times.
  • Freedom from discomfort due to the environment: Hens shall be housed in an environment that is suited to their needs. They should be able to freely move around the space and have access to areas to rest or nest.
  • Freedom to express normal behavior for the species: Hens have to be provided with enough space to express normal behavior like scratching, perching, and dust bathing.
  • Freedom from pain, injury, or disease: Hens must have access to adequate veterinary care and protection against diseases, as well as stress caused by other animals in the flock.
  • Freedom from fear or distress: The hens should get to live in a stress free environment, and be handled in a humane manner.

All UEP certified egg farmers like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania adhere to these Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. These guidelines allow egg farmers to make sure that their hens are living in an environment where they can remain safe and healthy. UEP certified program covers various aspects of egg production, including hen housing systems, flock management, pest control, feed quality, and health care, and is widely recognized across the US.

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