How do I Get Chance To Trade Stock CFDs in Singapore?

Trade Stock CFDs


If you’re really looking to speculate on the complete price of stocks without actually owning them, then CFDs are revolving as the right derivative one. When you start to trade stock CFDs, you are effectively betting on the right kind direction of the underlying asset’s price movement. If you think anything about the stock price will rise, you can buy (go long). If you think that the stock price will fall then you can sell (go short).

With stock CFDs, you can trade multiple stocks in one go – including some of the largest and smallest on the market. You can also trade ETF CFDs, so that you can speculate on the price movements of a bundle of stocks without owning any. And because CFDs can be traded on leverage, you only have to put down a small deposit at the outset when trading.

Find a reputable broker

Before you can trade stock CFDs, you’ll need to find a reputable broker. Look for one that offers a user-friendly trading platform, low and transparent fees, and good customer support. You’ll also need to make sure the broker offers the kind of stock CFDs you want to trade.

You can also look at if you would like to get started.

Open and fund your account

Once you have being found a stock broker, the next step is to open and fund your stock market account, which usually involves start completing an online application form and providing some photo ID – like your passport or driver’s license. You may also beingrequired to upload documents, like proof of address. Once your stock market account has been approved, you can deposit money by just using a credit/debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet.

Choose your position

Now it’s time to choose your position. If you think the stock price will rise, you’ll need to buy (go long). If you expect the investment stock price to drop, you’ll need to sell it right awayt(go short).

Most of the present-day investment brokers will offer a variety of order types that help you to control your riskvery easily. For example, a stop-loss order is now being automatically closes your position at a predetermined level if the particular stock market moves against you, limiting your losses.

Monitor your trade

Once your trade is open, it’s essential to monitor it closely. In such kind of way, you can make sure which is going the way you want to close if necessary. Some of the investment brokers offer mobile apps, which can be handy for just keeping an eye on your financial trade while you’re on the go.

Benefits of trading stock CFDs

CFDs are flexible

CFDs are revolving as the versatile investment tool is now allowing you to go long or short, set stop and limit orders, and trade on leverage. This kind of flexibility can help you to take advantage of both rising and falling markets that is not normally possible one when trading stocks the most traditional way.

CFDs have low costs

When you trade certain kind of CFDs, you generally only have to pay the spread – the difference between the buy and sell price for it. There is no any kind of commission fees or hidden costs available. And because CFDs are being much traded on leverage, you only need to put down a small deposit – known as margin – to open a position.

CFDs are easy to access

Nowadays, it’s really an easy one to trade CFDs online. You can also open particular kind of investment account with a forex broker in certain minutes of time and start to do trading immediately. And thanks to mobile trading apps, you can even start trade to go.

CFDs offer a variety of markets

When you start certain kind of CFDs, you’re not just limited to particular shares. You can also start doing any kind oftrade forex, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and more by just giving you a plenty of opportunities to find out the highly profitable trading opportunities.

CFDs are being regulated

Financial authorities start to regulate CFD trading in many jurisdictions for sure. It provides certain peace of mind that your broker is being reliable, and your funds are safe.

Risks of trading stock CFDs

You can start to lose a lot of money

Stock prices are being highly volatile depending on any kind type of stock and overall health of theeconomy, so they can rise and fall rapidly, making stock CFDs an investment with relative risk. If the particular investment market moves against you, you could lose all or part of your deposit – known as a margin call. If you use any kind of leverage, there is also a possibility of losing certain amount of money than you have been invested in the first place.

Liquidity risk

There is also certain kind of risk of certain stocks having low liquidity. This is being measured by the certain number of buyers and sellers in the markets, daily trading volume, and any open interest. Although generally, stock CFDs isbeing based on highly liquid companies, there is still a risk of the stock becoming illiquid. This can have a great impact on the market and also trading.

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