Signs Your Pool Needs Resurfacing and What To Do About It

Needs Resurfacing


Living in Tampa with all-year-round access to your very own pool is one of the main attractions of living in this sunny city. Many homeowners take advantage of the space available for pool construction and turn their homes into a beautiful haven of fun, peace, and tranquillity.

However, owning a pool comes with its own set of responsibilities, and it is important to know the signs which indicate your pool needs some extra love and care. Here are some of the common signs that you need to consider pool resurfacing.

1. Leaking

If you have noticed leaks around your pool, this is one of the main signs that you need to carry out some work on the area. Failing to rectify the problems that are causing leaks in the pool will mean that the issues are likely to get worse over time. This could lead to higher costs associated with pool resurfacing as well as a long timeframe needed to fix it. If you want to preserve your pool and get the best value out of it in the short and long term, ensure you fix any leaks as soon as you notice them.

2. Changes in Texture

This may depend on the material used in the pool construction, but changes in the texture of the material could indicate a need for resurfacing or remodeling. Many pools are constructed using tiles or plaster, so when problems begin to emerge, the texture and feel of these materials may change too. Looking out for any changes on the surface of the pool can help you to notice when you need to invest in pool resurfacing. Changes could include peeling or flaking on the plaster, cracks and bumps appearing on the material, or paint and pebbles falling away from the surface of the pool.

3.  Stains

It is common to find stains appearing in your pool over time. Some stains are caused by natural objects, such as leaves and plants falling into the pool and not being removed quickly enough. In many cases, you can clean the pool and take away many of the marks and stains that you may notice. However, deep stains and marks that cannot be removed are an indication that it is time for pool resurfacing. If you cannot remove stains using granular chlorine and other pool cleaning products, you may need to invest in professional pool cleaning or a full pool remodel or resurfacing.

4. Tiles Coming Off

Your pool has been looking beautiful for so long, but now you have noticed tiles or other elements breaking away. This is something that you should expect over time, as most pools will need to be remodeled or resurfaced after 10-15 years. If tiles are coming off the pool or cracking away from the surface, this is a clear sign that you need to think about getting pool resurfacing work done soon.

5. Mold

While many issues with your pool may be taken away through a thorough cleaning process, some issues may be too deep to resolve so easily and require a full pool remodel. If you have noticed mold growing in and around the pool, particularly around drains where there is grout near the tiles, you may need to look at having your pool resurfaced completely to prevent further mold problems.

Do you Need Pool Resurfacing for Your Home?

Taking care of your pool requires regular inspections and investment in repairs when needed. Homeowners in Tampa who are looking to get pool resurfacing or pool remodel services can find out more from JJB Pools and Spas.

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