What the Weather in Florida can do to Your Roof

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One of the most frequent construction-related tasks undertaken by Florida homeowners is roof repairs. This comes as no big surprise, given the difficult weather patterns that Floridians are used to.

Why do so many homes throughout Florida need a new roof each year?

There are several reasons why numerous homes in Florida require a new roof annually. Most of these reasons are related to Florida’s tropical climate,which is characterized by intense heat, high humidity, and frequent thunderstorms. There’s also the scorching sun, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, as well as extreme weather events (e.g., tropical storms, hurricanes).

The Effects of Storms on Your Home’s Roof

Roof damage from a storm is a serious threat. Throughout much of Florida, there are numerous storms of different kinds each year. The threat of hurricanes and tropical storms comes first. The peak of the hurricane season occurs in August, September, and October, but the entire season lasts for easily twice as long.  In its aftermath, many homeowners find that they need a new roof.

Any home can sustain significant roof damage from storms due to hurricane winds, heavy rain, and flooding. This is because it’s the most exposed and vulnerable part of the structure.

The Effects of Heat and Humidity on Your Home’s Roof

Roof damage doesn’t only result from storms. Florida homeowners face unique challenges because of the high heat and humidity levels. The best way to avoid roof repairs here is to ensure that you have high-quality underlayment beneath the layer of shingles on your home. In addition to establishing a second water barrier, underlayment keeps asphalt shingles from adhering to the roof deck in very hot weather. Typically, this is added to all new roofs that are installed throughout the state.

Additionally, humidity can cause roof damage. Plywood roof decking may occasionally warp, become soft and degrade. It can also develop mold and mildew.

The Effects of the Seaside on Your Home’s Roof

Most real estate throughout the state of Florida is located relatively close to the beach. Over time, the salty sea air can harm your roof, and when left unchecked, you may need a new roof. Typically, this begins with the growth of green, brown, or black algae on a home’s shingles. The real culprit, though, is the “gloeocapsa magma” (blue-green algae). While it probably won’t harm your shingles, it’ll make them discolored and difficult to remove.

What can I do to prevent weather-related roof damage?

The best way to avoid needing to put a new roof on your home is to start by having high-quality roofing shingles installed by a reputable contractor. There are shingles available with higher wind, fire, mold, moss, and algae resistance ratings, as well as those that won’t fade as quickly from a high UV light resistance level. Some other things you should do include:

  • Adequately insure your roof with homeowner’s insurance.
  • Reduce roof damage from storms by properly maintaining yours.
  • Get roof repair work done as soon as possible.

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